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Let Us All Celebrate The Spirit Of Olympia

Posted by chchua on April 22, 2008

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Once every 4 years, man from all corners of Mother Earth, irrespective of race, colour, creed or station, lays down his heavy load and with joy unimaginable, celebrates the Spirit of the Olympics. (Click to go to the Official IOC website – probably the best source of up-to-date news.) The celebration gives new meaning and dimensions to the brotherhood of man, understanding and goodwill. The celebration is the rebirth of mankind, not only in spirit but also in mind and body. The celebration lays the foundations for optimism, new hopes for mankind and a new faith in Man.

Even before the celebration could begin, dark clouds were threatening to cast long sinister shadows – confusion, dissent and pessimism – rejecting the moral, ethical and humantarian hopes of The Olympic Truce.

But as we now know, on 24 March 2008, even the Gods of Ancient smiled on Olympia and parted the dark menacing clouds above the Temple of Hera. “The flame was lit successfully by a Holy Princess, according to the traditional ritual, using the sun’s ray and a parabolic mirror.”

And the men, women and children, touched by the Flame of Olympia – courageous, noble and inspired – will travel to the far corners of the world. The torch bearers, holding the Flame up high, will in turn touch and warm the hearts of the many, and ignite their imaginations and spirits.

Say Yes To The Spirit Of Olympia

The opportunity is here to bring the world closer together – in harmony, friendship and goodwill – and to lift the Spirit of Man. Let us use the technological tools we possess – the world wide web, cell phones and SMS – to extend the Magic and Spirit of Olympia, to reach out and touch every living soul. Let us encourage all to become part of this great celebration – to be embraced and become a living and dynamic part of the Spirit of Olympia.

* Can and will the leaders of nations, society and industry, use this opportunity, flowing from The Spirit of Olympia, to foster and enhance the good, inherent in each and every individual and every nation. Let us all, as individuals, communities and nations connect to the Spirit of Olympia.
* Can and will the leaders of nations, society and industry, organise Web and SMS Campaigns to Support and Celebrate the Spirit of Olympia –

And Pledge To Keep Politics Out Of The Olympics

Nominate and Support the International Olympic Committee / Movement as the next recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

* Can and will all man, woman and child, welcome and embrace with their hearts and soul, the Spirit of Olympia.
* Can and will all man, woman and child,

Say Yes To The Spirit Of Olympia

* Can and will all man, woman and child, embracing the Spirit of Olympia, and recognizing that The Force is within ourselves, do all that is within our power to spread the Spirit of Olympia, by word of mouth, the world wide web, emails, SMS or by any other exotic means available to man – limited only by his imagination.

Organise SMS Campaigns To Bring The Olympic Spirit To The Masses

It is our fervent hope that any monies raised, particularly with SMS campaigns, be dispersed to deserving charities or institutions. And in today’s world, which institutions are more deserving of our support, if not the IOC together with the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and the International Red Cross & Red Crescent Movement.

Please Email This Link (OR copy this : ) to as many relatives, friends and contacts as you possibly can and encourage them to do the same.

Email your support or otherwise, advice, suggestions etc. to ” ”

This is the web site which Launches your journey into the Spirit of Olympia. It Links you to an incredibly large number of websites covering almost every subject about the Olympics : History, Media Sources, News and Coverage etc.

Click away at the Links we have provided, clearly identified and sorted, and you are instantly Teleported to your Virtual Destinations. Relax in the comfort of your home or office – let your fingers do its magic. Sit back and enjoy The Spirit of Olympia.

Use this site as your one-stop center – your launch site to the Olympic Universe. Upgraded every day, with new links as we find them. Post us your links and we shall add to our list.

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Happy Olympics To All


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